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الصداع النصفي اختبار

 Right behind the eye Left behind the eye Both behind the eye In the right temple In the left temple Both in the temple on the right eyebrow on the left eyebrow On both eyebrows Right in the neck area Left in the neck area On both sides of the neck
 Throbbing / Percussion Pain / Print like a band compressed Staggering Order
 Nausea vomiting see sparkle Light / Noise Disturbance Condensation / Double Vision Vision Loss Eyelid swelling Eyelid sagging Arm / Leg fatigue Dizziness Numbness Loss of consciousness Difficulty of Concentration Speech Difficulty Nasal Discharge Diarrhea  Stress (anger / worry) Sunlight Weight lifting Frustration High Noise Odor / Fragrance Aircraft Travel Fatigue Coughing / sneezing Meal Abduction Sexual Activity Specific Food / Beverages Weather change  Rest Exercise Hot Applications Massage Cold Applications Silence / Dark Migraine Regional Printing Warm Shower  Number Periods Birth Control Pills Other Hormonal Drugs Pregnancy