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What is Migraine?

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    Migraine Treatment

    Where are the incisions? The surgery is done using minimally invasive techniques. For deactivation of the forehead and temple trigger sites in combination, five or six small incisions are mad...

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    Migraine Worldwide

    The word "migraine" is derived from a Greek origined word "Hemicrania" which means 'half-headed'because of the stabbing or pulsating pain that is frequently experienced on one side of the head. This w...

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    حقائق علمية

    تبدأ معتدلة أو شديدة الألم الصداع النصفي عادة مع الهجوم، التي قد تحول دون الأنشطة العادية للشخص، والشخص يشكو ...