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Migraine Worldwide


The word “migraine” is derived from a Greek origined word “Hemicrania” which means ‘half-headed’because of the stabbing or pulsating pain that is frequently experienced on one side of the head. This word can describe the very painful headaches in the head. Migraine was described approximately 4000 years ago. Migraine is more common than the total of epilepsy, asthma and diabetes diagnostics all over the world. Globally 15% of men and women around the world suffering from migraine.

It is very interesting that even though it is a very painful and common disease, a lot of assumptions have been made about the permanent treatment of migraine and a proper treatment can not be found till migraine surgery.

For example people think that only women suffer from migraine and moreover they think that migraine patients overstate their pains and exaggerate them. Those are completely false! Indeed, since the number of surgeons who can do migraine surgery is very few in the world and Turkey, migraine patients do not know about the migraine surgery and try to solve their problem at home with conventional treatment

  • Only 40% of migraine patients are diagnosed clinically.
  • 70% of migraine patients do not get the proper treatment.
  • 50% of migraine patients stop going to the doctor.